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Poster: Lipotor Date: Nov 2, 2007 9:41pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Another asshole, like you guys need one

yes, and it's just you who seems to have a problem, did you use a real email address to make this latest name or are you just magically another asshole who can't be cool when interacting with others? I don't remember there being as many assholes in real life, but poeple like you wouldn't dare say any of this in person or maybe your the asshole type that does all the displaying and presenting nonsense where you pop out your chest and say come on and push someone and try and intimidate them. Well either way it won't work and in real life you eventually run across someone who knows your type, how you think and predicts your behavior and snap kicks you in that sweet spot that makes that molecular chain reaction with the right amount of oscilation that causes the lights to go out while the synapses re ploarize themselves. And then there you are in your own piss with all your deadhead friends laughing at you and I am cool and they give my grilled cheese, tie dies and nitrous balloons. They start chanting quimby, quimby, quimby and then that chord and the boys start playing shakedown street and the vibe is nice so I take a piss on your face while chewing a philly soft pretzel and chuggin a warm heiniekin. Then the crowd just turns on you like south central riots, spinners dancing on your grave you little terdsucking asseater,

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Poster: Idiot Convention Date: Nov 3, 2007 8:20am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Who Needs An Asshole, We've Got Quimby

Wow. You really are delusional. Nice pseudo-psychological rap there. I did notice in your little melodrama world that it has to be someone else to do the ass kicking and you only jump in when I'm laying on the ground. Yeah, I know your type. Fuckin coward who can only do something if someone is laying on the ground defenseless. How come you can't piss on my puffed out chest while I'm standing?
Because you are a weak, sissy bitch, that is why?
And you think people will chant your name after you piss another human being lying on the ground? Even your make believe world sucks.